About Us

We are a independent yoga brand on a mission to promote sustainability and the magic of cork.

Founded in 2018, Cork Space is home to beautiful & natural yoga tools that are designed from the ground up to elevate your practice.

From yoga to movement to meditation, Cork Space has helped thousands of yogis across the UK & Europe feel connected to their daily movement practice with natural grounding materials.

We’re on a mission to shake up the yoga industry with 100% natural and sustainable alternatives – that look, feel and perform to a completely new standard. 

Our Cork Yoga Mats are made from velvety soft cork and flexible rubber – a space to relax, recharge and re-energise.

The Founders Story

The origin for Cork Space grew from a personal quest of mine and a trip to South East Asia, where I dreamed of a yoga mat that always stayed flat, was made entirely from natural, bio-degradable materials and actually got grippier the more you sweat, (I know, crazy right?)

In 2016 I lived in Bali for 6 months, working remotely from my laptop as a freelance designer – it was here that my love for yoga was ignited. 

The intense humidity of the tropical climate made every session a hot yoga session. A slippery & smelly yoga mat was just part and parcel of yoga I thought.

A year later and I’m back in Europe thinking up ways to create the yoga mat of my dreams. One day on my search for sustainable materials – I discovered cork. The more I read, the more I was impressed. 

Here was a material that is light-weight, durable and completely natural – its both tough & beautiful and yet it’s lifecycle protects forests and removes more C02 than it produces.

The more I studied the material the more I fell in love. It not only outperformed plastic but the cork industry actually protected the environment rather than damage it. 

It’s then I discover that cork gets gripper when wet, is naturally anti-bacterial and is a superior alternative to the cheap and toxic plastic mats that litter yoga studios and landfills across the world.

Cork on its own is wonderful, but a yoga mat needs that extra level of flexibility and padding. To make the perfect yoga mat, I couldn’t put a beautiful layer of sustainable Portuguese cork on just any base – it had to be sturdy, impact-absorbing, and weighty enough to give you that magical grounding quality that foam or PVC can never provide.

After much research, I chose to use the tree sap of the Ficus Elastica tree – natural rubber which is tapped from living trees – and like cork also fully bio-degradable after a lifetime of use. 

This combination of cork and natural rubber gives us a yoga mat that stays flat across the full length of its surface – with NO corner rolling – imagine that? 

And so in 2018 the idea for Cork Space was born. I launched a website and pre-sold 100 mats to fund the project. Filming a short promo video of my wife who kindly modelled and helped road-test my first sample at our local park.

It’s not been plain sailing, from sourcing bio-degreadable packaging to dealing with supply delays – but there was nothing more rewarding than getting back the first set of reviews from the early-adopters. 

Since we launched, I’ve shipped out 1,000’s of yoga mats to customers across the UK & Europe who are blown away by the beauty of cork and its ability to elevate their movement practice.

We’ve received over 700+ 5-star reviews (I appreciate every single one) and planted over 30,000 trees in partnership with the Eden project

And so Cork Space was born. A beautiful sustainable yoga mat. 

It all starts with an idea. 


Jyoti Naylor 

Founder @ Cork Space

P.S I’m so thankful for the support of our first backers who trusted me to deliver on my promise and all those who continue to help bring sustainability back to yoga. 

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P.P.S Every order is backed by my 100 day trial, if for any reason you don’t love your new yoga mat, return it for a full refund, sound fair?

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We Plant 10 New Trees For Every Mat We Make.

In partnership with the Eden Project.


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30,000+ Trees Planted

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